React.js Resume

Web Development

This is Portfolio/Resume Application built with React.js, which I had built for learning purposes. In this project I had used Node.js for the server-side environment and React.js for the client-side. The styling was done by importing the react-bootstrap package, through the Node Package Manager(NPM). For the database I had used a dynamic data passed through a global data file which had held all the required information for the. For deployment I have hosted this on Heroku a cloud application platform using Node.js.

For this template I had later gone on and made further changes, one big change was by adding a Resume section. This is something that I thought would be quite handy if you were to have future employers to come across your site. Also for the projects I had categorized them by different technologies, while also giving them a different look compared to the one I had later made. You can also see that there is a side bar menu, this is to show a different way of getting to pages by the use of React-Routing.

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